Memories and Possibilities

Where Ms Egan disappeared to

The last gate ID to which Ms Egan was found.

Entry VGhyZWU=
Fon's Personal Log
Session resumed

Well that was … interesting.

Apparently while I was on the move the rest of the team managed to lock down some leads pertaining to the investigation, just before being ambushed by corpsec. Fortunately for them, I managed to remote-hack the enemy tactical network to provide my team an electronic warfare advantage — hypercorp mesh security remains as laughable as ever.

Personal Note: Look into obtaining updated firewall and stealth software; while easy to hack, recent mesh intrusions have been annoying easy for corpsec to trace. Also, pick up some more disposable ectos.

Despite my tactical advantage, Dr. Silence managed to get his morph completely wrecked — apparently the good doctor theorized that his so-called “fame” would provide better defense than actual ballistic armor; unfortunately for him, corpsec proved his theory to be quite incorrect. Nonetheless, we were able to obtain his cortical stack, along with those of the security feebs, before vacating the scene.

Personal Note: Ballistic armor proved sufficient to block small arms fire. Regardless, look into getting heavier armor to compensate against armor-piercing rounds. Also, look into obtaining intimidation skillsofts — negotiations with a fleeing security officer went ... poorly.

The Titanian seemed surprisingly reticent about retrieving the stacks (despite having stabbed a man to death), but eventually listened to reason. While there seems to be little to gain from interrogating a bunch of know-nothing corpsec goons, the risk of any sort of morph or ego ID being established is already too great to risk their reinstatiation from their stacks.

Personal Note: Sweep sector security spime records for possible security footage and records of recent access. Also, look into spoofing a new fake ego ID.

The current plan seems to be to spoof a kidnapping attempt on the doctor, shifting the blame for the death of the corpsec wageslaves and Silence onto a nebulous group of “terrorists” in order to draw attention to the recent spat of disappearing gatecrashers and draw attention away from us. I have to question the verisimilitude of our cover story, but I support anything that gets people looking away from my direction, so I’ll do what I can to support it.

Personal Note: Dummy up some fake terrorist dossiers, just in case. Criminal records, history, nicknames, the works. See if the Titanian can help with forging credentials from Titan's security networks.

As for the doctor, given that time is current an issue I elected (against my better judgement) to loan him my synth sleeve. Fon 2 is more suited for combat than any menton morph (and honestly, if he requires a brain-boosting morph to be smart enough to do his job, then I have to further question his already-dubious credentials), and her combat skillsofts and heavy armor should compensate for his natural ineptitude. I fully expect him to whine incessantly about having to sleeve a synth, but beggars can’t be choosers. I’m just as unhappy about the situation as he is; Fon 2 exists purely so I don’t have to put myself at risk on gatecrasher missions or when dealing with Exsurgent bullshit. Putting her in the hands of some ego-maniacal blowhard that can barely shoot straight does not particularly sit well with me. Still, I’ll do what I have to. Besides, if worse comes to worse, I can just trigger Fon 2’s puppet sock and jam her myself when push comes to shove. After all, she is essentially made to be disposable.

Personal Note: If and when we get the doc a new morph, be sure to ego-scrub Fon 2's cyberbrain. Twice.

Encode: VG8gbXlzZWxmOiBUaGUgbmV4dCB0aW1lIHlvdSBzZWUgbWUsIHRoZSBwYXNzd29yZCBpcyAiSG9yYXRpbyI=
Entry VHdv
Fon's Personal Log

Uneventful since last entry. Routine maintenance on Steel morph. Did some freelance sysadmin work. Got an invitation to some secret invite-only old boy’s club for gatecrashers. Normally wouldn’t be caught dead in that sort of outfit, but it provides a good opportunity for sousveillance and info-gathering per the side job.

Get-together was in a more low-rent area of Ma’adim Vallis. Rest of the team came as well. Was surprised that Prof. “Love Hearing Myself Talk” was there. I figured he wouldn’t dare dirty himself in such a locale, but apparently he’ll literally stoop to any depth for the sake of earning cred. All the more reason to worry, I suppose, but I didn’t have the energy to deal with it, so I let him work the room while I checked out the mesh.

The place was a complete snooze, both in meatspace and digital. Most of the clientele sleeved run-of-the-mill Splicers, which struck everyone else as odd. Can’t say I agree; why put on your high-end morphs just to suck cheap fabbed booze with a bunch of blowhards? Maybe I’m biased, since I prefer a Splicer myself, but then again I’ve got plenty of reason to not want to draw attention to myself.

I was already writing the night off as a waste of time when the team approached me about some bizarre goings-on regarding some missing gatecrashers and some new insurance company. While they waffled about who to ask about what, I took the initiative to do a little hacking into some hypercorp mainframes to try and cut to the heart of the matter. Pathfinder’s server proved difficult to crack without being noticed, but I was at least able to score some personnel files before vacating the server. Resident IC attempted the trace which I managed to spoil, but I still took it upon myself to go mobile — besides, the place the little get-together was in had woefully inadequate security measures, and the mesh countermeasures were a joke. I was better off moving around on my own to make myself harder to pin down. I pulled up my camo cloak and had FonFon randomize my mesh IPs before taking to the alleys around the city.

I turned my attention from Pathfinder to New Dawn, the company the missing ‘crashers were insured with. Getting past their firewall was a joke, and even when the resident white hat got onto me, I was still able to easily lock down some insurance profiles and accounting records before erasing my data trail and booking. True to my suspicions, New Dawn is just a shell front for Pathfinder itself. Furthermore, it’s looking like most of the members of this secret club are all new clients of New Dawn. Suspiciously enough, all of the missing ‘crashers are clients as well, stretching back for some time. Even stranger, I found the names of our old acquaintances from our last ’crash, Herk and Tennessee. I hadn’t held out hope that they’d made it back to the safety of Autonomist space, but seeing their names upon the roster of missing individuals only confirms my belief that any trust placed in a hypercorp is grievously misplaced.

The accounts seem irregular as well; the kinds of risk innate in this company’s portfolio make zero sense with any conceivable long-term plan, though it’ll take an actual forensic accountant to make sense of where all the money is really going.

I’ve gotten word that the rest of the peanut gallery is wrapping up as much of the investigation as they think they can manage back at the club, so I’m heading to rendezvous with them so we can plan our next move. While I may have my own doubts as to their qualifications, they’re still all I have to work with. Given the circumstances, it’s probably better to have other bodies to hide behind in case push comes to sh—

[sounds of gunfire]

ERR: Encoding incomplete||Session paused
From Infernal Curtain: Life as a Secret Agent
To be released upon my perminant death or the declasifacation of Firewall activites

As I reminisced over the gains to science that would come from the analysis of those pieces Hillbilly shot off the Ikomi artifact, fate came knocking once more. She always knew how to give a shot of god’s chosen beverage wrapped in a week old tuna and this time was no different. It started with an invitation to an exclusive group of gatecrashers, the whole set up was too much like my Skull and Bones days to pass up (if you are in the know, we still have reunions). Located in a rundown pit near gatecrasher, the gathering proved to be a fruitful opportunity to rub shoulders with people who might be worth knowing.
Hillbilly and Homburg kept to bar and Lady Dark kept to the edges so it fell to me to work the room. Information passed by about missing gatecrashers and their names did not immediately strike me as worth noting so that was left for the other to attend to. It was sometime before the Dark Lady got back to me to ask about an insurance company and their interest in exclusively insuring gatecrashers at invitation. Even the scumborn understood there was something suspicious about an insurance company that did not seem designed to make money off of its clients.
In the midst of moving around the city, Lady Dark managed to hack into to computers of this suspicious company and pull from there system a client list and financial records. It should also be noted that very little was found on those servers beyond that, displaying an impressive amount of informational security. The records proved the company was some sort of front but we could not determine from whom. Researching the client list showed a correlation of clients canceling their polices, then disappearing some days later. As we kept trying to fit the puzzle together, rifle fire sounded outside.

Entry T25l
Fon's Personal Log

Org called me in for a new assignment today. Gatecrashing. Never fun. Always risky. Still, gotta do what I gotta do.

Met the rest of my team. Don’t even know where to begin. A media joker, a Titanian operative, and a scumborn Ultimate.

The joker calls himself a “doctor”, but apparently he’s a doctor in the same sense that a nanobandage is a cure for decapitation. Like most hypercorp schills, he’s a selfish little prat only some decades-outdated concept of “wealth”, as if that makes any kind of sense in a time when you can nanofab anything you need. Then again, I suppose if more people realized that, the inner system wouldn’t be the hypercapitialist hellhole that it is. Anyway, when I first met this joker he was sipping some cheap liquor he claimed was from Earth. Given that the company that “obtained” it is a shell front org for the People’s Circumlunar Republic, I’d wager the actual vintage was probably about two weeks ago, so I guess you get what you pay for. Regardless, the jackal pretty much tries to capture everything for his moronic XP cast (I’d never heard of it, but apparently Momo von Satan calls it “a must-watch for anyone who wants to drive their xenoarchaeologist friends to suicide”). I should be thankful he at least had the sense to edit it so the org doesn’t send its headhunters after us. The only think he apparently took back from the mission was a chance to profit off of it, though once the Argonauts get a hold of the sample I obtained I have to question just how much cred he’d going to be able to get for something you can download open source specs on. Regardless, the man is an egomaniac and a simpleton. I just the rest of us don’t get dragged in when he gets himself killed.

Personal Note: Assign some mesh agents to keep track of his online activities. Make sure the dolt doesn't sell us all out for a chance at a pre-Fall ham sandwich.

The Titanian I can’t really make heads or tails of. He seemed cool and sensible enough, but what he was doing there was beyond me. Background checks on the guy are frustratingly-sparse, and he seemed to play things pretty close to his chest during the op. Public records indicate was re-instatiated like myself, and apparently he was working with the Titanian military up until Locus (Personal Note: Get in touch with Titanian sources via @ later, see if anyone would be willing to dig around the secure severs on Commonwealth Intelligence). Still, he seemed reasonable compared to Dr. Huckster. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’d trust him, but at least I can count on him not to piss himself and run screaming like a little girl if a firefight breaks out. Apparently he’s a bit paranoid about explosives. I don’t know why. Just because I don’t have special training doesn’t mean I don’t know how to make explosives explode. Better safe than sorry, I guess. I suppose I can relate to that.

Personal Note: Keep mesh searches on this guy passive. If he turns out to be a plant or double-agent, no sense tipping him off before the situation is ready to be handled.

As for the scumborn … he tried to shoot an unknown alien artifact. So right now it’s a toss-up between whether he or the doc are the greater threats to the team. Not gonna say any more about that, but I’ll make sure to keep a spare round for him in case he goes extra-loopy.

As regards said artifact, it appeared to be some sort of material with signal-interference properties — almost like a radiating Faraday cage. Stuff appeared to be naturally-occurring but fashioned into an artificial structure. More importantly, this stuff is begging to be used in anti-TITAN weapons research. As mentioned, I imagined to obtain a sample to ship off to the Argonauts for study. Hopefully they’ll be able to use it to do some real good out there. I may have left Mitre in less-than-ideal circumstances, but one way or another, transhumanity needs a defense. Maybe this’ll be the start of one.

Personal Note: Steel morph took some damage to the mesh inserts from feedback caused by the unknown material. Considered replacing it, but funds are low at the moment. Run rigorous decontamination routines beyond hypercorp standard (as if they could be trusted), then allowed medichines to repair damage. Give her a good buff, too. Will sleeve next time in order to ensure systems functionality is 100%.

Encode: VG8gbXlzZWxmOiBUaGUgbmV4dCB0aW1lIHlvdSBzZWUgbWUsIHRoZSBwYXNzd29yZCBpcyAiVmlkYWxpYSI=
Sea of the Stars, Episode One
This is the events as depicted to my viewers

Sea of the Stars, Episode One:

As the grey desert comes into view, Dr. Silence began his narration with “during the whole of a dull, dark, and soundless afternoon, in what I can only presume is the autumn of the year. I find myself walking through a dreary tract of desert in search of what might be Ikomi ruins. The initial survey before I took the first human steps on this barren soil indicated”—“we found a body” someone yes off camera and Dr. Silence rushes towards the corpse of a scumborn hobo. Looking it over for a few minutes while the other members of the party, their morphs depicted as blocky forms with the words your ad here in large friendly letters, Dr. Silence remarks “and that kids, is why you leave exploration to the professionals. Now as you can see down the way is an obelisk of some sort. I think this a pretty obvious sign of a civilization having touched this sphere are some time ago.”
As the team move towards the ancient structure, two more interlopers are sighted shooting at one another and everyone hits the ground as those two continue their assault on one another. After some discussion of among the team, a female member with an indistinct name tries to send an aerial robot to gain reconnaissance only for it to fall to the ground immediately. So Dr. Silence take command of the situation and tells both men they are outnumbered and should surrender immediately. As both men put their hands up, Dr. Silence’s keen instincts tell him to approach a man named Hurk and see what he has about the situation. The man tells a story, which he whole heartily believes, about the other guy (Tennesee) going crazy and stabbing the third member of their party to death. The other team members receive a similar and equally believed story. Unable to sort out this rashomon problem, the team proceeds to the obelisk, keeping their respective charges apart.

Taking a commercial break, the viewer is shown some footage of various all-terrain vehicles crashing into Martian sand dunes. “Is your redneck transport failing to get you over those troublesome hills? Are your navigation controls keeping you from staying on the ground? Well when you buy a Mako brand all-terrain vehicle, you know you’re getting a quality ride at a quality price.” Images of the Mako soaring over volcanic rifts and hitting flying creatures before landing next to a sunset beach with a sun-kissed beauty waiting to try on Dr. Sliences hat while he “explores her alien landscape.” “yes the Mako all-terain kit vehicle. Rugged enough to take on any challenge and portable enough to fit through even the smallest gate.” As he gives the vehicle a friendly pat, it collapses into many pieces and Dr. Silence says “assembly skillsoft sold separately”.

Panning back to the ancient obelisk before his awestruck vision, Dr. Silence remarks “it is said the author Stendhal, when taking in the visions of old Italy, fell faint before its majesty. This is the closest I have yet come to duplicating that moment. What you are seeing is an artifact of incalculable age and refinement of tooling that clearly could not have been made of the surrounding material, is apparently one solid mass, but could not have possibly been brought through the gate. What sort of civilization could have the-“. Suddenly Hurk starts asking if his ax could cut the material and one of the other crewmen talks about shooting the structure. Dr. Silence cannot allow this pointing out that proper science cannot allow the unwarranted marring of an perfectly preserved artifact. Then Tennessee gets scared of the artifact and is convinced the entire crew is bait for some manner of titan since the em-field it puts out is disrupting electronics and synthmorphs. While arguing over the impossibility of this being something to fight the titans since the Ikomi went extinct long before the titans came about. This does raise questions about the course of their civilization and comparative xeno-archaology but those are for another time. As they depart for the gate on the tail end of the expedition, Dr. Silence remarks “I cannot say that I will be able to fully catalog the extent of this find, nor can I fully explain the madness that overcame the amateurs who may have technically been the first to set foot on this planet. What I can say is leave the archaeology to the professionals. This is Dr. Silence reminding you that my conquest is the sea of the stars.”

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