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Sea of the Stars, Episode One

This is the events as depicted to my viewers

Sea of the Stars, Episode One:

As the grey desert comes into view, Dr. Silence began his narration with “during the whole of a dull, dark, and soundless afternoon, in what I can only presume is the autumn of the year. I find myself walking through a dreary tract of desert in search of what might be Ikomi ruins. The initial survey before I took the first human steps on this barren soil indicated”—“we found a body” someone yes off camera and Dr. Silence rushes towards the corpse of a scumborn hobo. Looking it over for a few minutes while the other members of the party, their morphs depicted as blocky forms with the words your ad here in large friendly letters, Dr. Silence remarks “and that kids, is why you leave exploration to the professionals. Now as you can see down the way is an obelisk of some sort. I think this a pretty obvious sign of a civilization having touched this sphere are some time ago.”
As the team move towards the ancient structure, two more interlopers are sighted shooting at one another and everyone hits the ground as those two continue their assault on one another. After some discussion of among the team, a female member with an indistinct name tries to send an aerial robot to gain reconnaissance only for it to fall to the ground immediately. So Dr. Silence take command of the situation and tells both men they are outnumbered and should surrender immediately. As both men put their hands up, Dr. Silence’s keen instincts tell him to approach a man named Hurk and see what he has about the situation. The man tells a story, which he whole heartily believes, about the other guy (Tennesee) going crazy and stabbing the third member of their party to death. The other team members receive a similar and equally believed story. Unable to sort out this rashomon problem, the team proceeds to the obelisk, keeping their respective charges apart.

Taking a commercial break, the viewer is shown some footage of various all-terrain vehicles crashing into Martian sand dunes. “Is your redneck transport failing to get you over those troublesome hills? Are your navigation controls keeping you from staying on the ground? Well when you buy a Mako brand all-terrain vehicle, you know you’re getting a quality ride at a quality price.” Images of the Mako soaring over volcanic rifts and hitting flying creatures before landing next to a sunset beach with a sun-kissed beauty waiting to try on Dr. Sliences hat while he “explores her alien landscape.” “yes the Mako all-terain kit vehicle. Rugged enough to take on any challenge and portable enough to fit through even the smallest gate.” As he gives the vehicle a friendly pat, it collapses into many pieces and Dr. Silence says “assembly skillsoft sold separately”.

Panning back to the ancient obelisk before his awestruck vision, Dr. Silence remarks “it is said the author Stendhal, when taking in the visions of old Italy, fell faint before its majesty. This is the closest I have yet come to duplicating that moment. What you are seeing is an artifact of incalculable age and refinement of tooling that clearly could not have been made of the surrounding material, is apparently one solid mass, but could not have possibly been brought through the gate. What sort of civilization could have the-“. Suddenly Hurk starts asking if his ax could cut the material and one of the other crewmen talks about shooting the structure. Dr. Silence cannot allow this pointing out that proper science cannot allow the unwarranted marring of an perfectly preserved artifact. Then Tennessee gets scared of the artifact and is convinced the entire crew is bait for some manner of titan since the em-field it puts out is disrupting electronics and synthmorphs. While arguing over the impossibility of this being something to fight the titans since the Ikomi went extinct long before the titans came about. This does raise questions about the course of their civilization and comparative xeno-archaology but those are for another time. As they depart for the gate on the tail end of the expedition, Dr. Silence remarks “I cannot say that I will be able to fully catalog the extent of this find, nor can I fully explain the madness that overcame the amateurs who may have technically been the first to set foot on this planet. What I can say is leave the archaeology to the professionals. This is Dr. Silence reminding you that my conquest is the sea of the stars.”


That XP editing is doing a great job of protecting the team’s anonymity. It seems to hafe disguised Roald as a girl when he launched his robot!

Sea of the Stars, Episode One

That and by the time I got to this point, I forgot who did what where.

Sea of the Stars, Episode One

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